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Name of Rule1ST Offence2nd Offence3rd Offence4th Offence5th Offence
 Bot AttacksPermanent IP Ban    
DDOS Attacks or any other kind of Cyber Attacks (doxxing) and threadsPermanent IP Ban    
Hacking in generalPermanent IP Ban    
Offensive to players and staffWarning24h Mute3 Day Mute7 MutePermanent Mute
Swear in chat / spam / use foreign languages / use inappropriate language24h Mute7 Day MutePermanent Mute  
Trading Minecraft Accounts Permanent IP Ban    
Punishment Abuse (mute, ban, warn)Permanent IP Ban    
Plot/portal/teleport trapping (or killing)7-day IP Ban1 Month IP BanPermanent Ban  
AdvertisingWarningPermanent IP Ban   
Lag MachinesPermanent IP Ban    
DupingPermanent IP Ban    
Hacked Clients, PVP clientsPermanent IP Ban    
Cheating with Mods/texture packsPermanent IP Ban    
BullyingWarnPermanent IP Ban   
DatingWarn3 Day IP Ban7 Day IP Ban1 Month IP BanPermanent Ban
Mentioning other Minecraft servers/advertisingWarnPermanent IP Ban   
Resist talk or any other kind of racismPermanent IP Ban    
Religious DescriminationPermanent IP Ban    
Be RespectfulWarn7-Day IP Ban1 Month IP BanPermanent Ban 
Trading/Scamming in real life moneyPermanent Ban    
Offensive JokesWarn7-Day IP Ban1 Month IP BanPermanent Ban 
Begging players/staffWarn3-Day IP Ban7-Day IP Ban1-Month IP BanPermanent Ban
Exploiting / Hiding BugsPermanent IP Ban    
Griefing Server Maps, Player’s Builds/plots1 Month IP BanPermanent Ban   
Alternative Accounts /Fake AccountsPermanent IP Ban    

Mods you're allowed to use:
 Optifine, Sodium, Chloride, JEI, Health, indicators, full bright, Minimap mods, block indicator mods and misc visual/sound mods like dynamic surroundings

Name of Rule1ST Offence2nd Offence3rd Offence4th Offence5th Offence
Claiming/setting homes/playerwarps near a player’s base without their permissionWarn3-Day IP Ban7-Day IP Ban1 Month IP BanPermanent IP Ban
Mass Spawning Bosses3-Day IP Ban7-Day IP Ban1 Month IP BanPermanent Ban 
Killing someone who has pvp offPermanent IP Ban    
Stealing, griefing, sabotaging and taking someone's nickname on purposePermanent IP Ban    
Claiming or looting and unclaimed basePermanent IP Ban    


On a mute:
The player will be mentioned, with a reason, the offence of the rule broken, and a link picture taken by a staff member (if applicable) will be shown.
On a Ban:
The player will be kicked out that time and every time they try to join, and a message with the day of expiry of the ban and the reason as well as the offence and a link picture taken by a staff member (if applicable) will be shown.
You may view your punishments and other’s people’s punishments here

No questioning the Mods or Staff
Staff say is final. Refrain from arguing with the staff.

Do not ping Staff or Mods unless it's necessary
If you have a problem or someone is causing an issue, you may ping a Mod or another staff member. Please don't ping us if it's not necessary.

Don't ask to be staff
If you want to be staff, you may apply but don't ask if you can be staff.

Do not mention @ everyone or @ here
Please refrain from mass pinging unless you have permission to do so.

This can go from pictures and gifs to conversations.

No drug or alcohol talk
Refrain from talking about drugs or alcohol.

No personal information
Please do not post any personal info such as addresses, phone numbers, passwords, emails, etc.

No harassment or bullying
Please don't not witch hunt, harass, or bully anyone. Respect everyone.

No hate speech
No sexism, racism, homophobic remarks or anything that goes against someones race, sexuality, or gender.

No offensive language or swearing
Please don't not swear or say anything offensive.

No political or religious discussions
Please do not discuss politics or religion on this server.

No trolling
This means ANY form of trolling

No spamming of any kind
That can be letters, numbers, emojis, reactions, pictures, gifs, etc.
No excessive CAPS

No posting invites
That can be invites to bots or Discord servers.

No advertising
This means advertising Discord servers and Minecraft servers.

Please keep everything in the right channels
For example, don't use bots commands in the general channels. Keep them in the bot channels. These are all muteable offenses. Staff have every right to mute you if we think you broke one. Minecraft Server Rules These are bannable offenses

 You must also comply with Discord’s TOS: https://discord.com/terms