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about 1 month ago



Hey All!


Due to recent events, there have been some corruptions with chunks on the main world on Survival. Therefore, the world will be **RESET**!!!. That means that everyone will loose the builds or anything they had on the main world. 




1) Chunk errors, totally nonfixable.

2) 1.17 will bring a reset anyways since we have large biomes.

3) Lag will be reduced by 20%.




Please do these steps!!!

These need to be made within THIS week.


-Log on the server, collect your valuables.


-If you have any concerns make sure you open a ticket!


Every player will receive automatically 10000 Additional ClaimBlocks after the reset.




Sorry for any inconveniences caused,

_Princee_ and the Tech Team!


about 1 month ago
Skyblock Release!


Hey All!

This is a scheduled Skyblock server release!

Many new features will be  introduced!


Have a good day!


3 months ago
Store Update!

We are happy to introduce our Custom ranks puckage in Survival!!
You can now request your own custom rank from 9.99 EUR!!

You can also add any other features!

Check it out:


3 months ago
Lobby Reset!

We are happy to announce our new lobby! This is a completely new lobby, with many different features:

Our main focus is on security and good service for our players. We have developed a much more secure enviroment on the server!

> New login system!
> New Lobby design!
> New Video Tutorial!

Yes! We now have a new video for tutorial on how to join our server and begin your journey with us!

**Note**: All login data has been deleted, so you will have to re-register. NO DATA FROM YOUR GAME HAS BEEN LOST.

Have a great day.
_Princee_ and the Tech Team

3 months ago
Minecraft Server Rules

As you are aware, our rules can be found at: https://noles-network.fun/rules. However, the rules are not very specific, so we are going to add rules for all individual servers to make things easier for the player.

We are going to perform a small maintenance in the website soon, to maintain this. We will inform you shortly.