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Discord: _Princee_#7068
IGN: _Princee_
19 days ago

Our Technical team is aware of the high ping and lag caused by survival. We would like to firstly apologise for all inconveniences caused. Unfortunately, this lag is being caused by our Central Proccesing Unit not being able to handle a lot of players with a high amount of plugins to introduce features.


How was this fixed:

We have tried to move the server to a more stable machine which should make it lag less but it has still lag and ping issues.


What's the main issue:

The main issue as mentioned above is our CPU cores not being able to handle the server usage.



How are we going to fix it:

We have maintained a new machine with a CPU core increase of 80% from the old one, and therefore more RAM and Storage. We are going to use that machine to host our Survival server there and see if the lag has been fixed.


When is the change going to happen:

Unfortunately, we will have to set another maintenance, since we have to move all data to it. However, this may take less than a day since I upgraded my Network at my office and the transfer will take less.


Will survival have a reset?

Survival will NOT be reset.


For Donators:

We really understand that you donated and expect to spend time on our servers, and we will do everything for both you and normal members to make the game lag-free.


Advanced Enchantments plugin:

This is a new plugin therefore we expect issues. We are aware of all issues and we are going to introduce and fix features for it.


Scheduled Maintenance:

The transfer of the machine will take place on Tuesday 16.02.21 9:00-T.B.D AM GMT(+2)


Have a good day,


_Princee_ Noles Network Owner